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I was told I would need 3 treatments to get rid of...

I was told I would need 3 treatments to get rid of some scaring and brown spotting on my face. I was told that it would feel like a rubberband was hitting my face, which was an absolute understatement. I was not told that it would look like a window screen was burned onto my face. On my first pixel my face felt like it was on fire for 6 hours after treatment; I sat in front of a fan for 6 HOURS and took ibuprofen to handle the pain.

It took 9 days for my face to look somewhat normal and the grid pattern was noticeable for a couple of weeks afterwards. Since I had prepaid for my treatments I had the second session done, 1 year later (it took me that long to get up the guts to go through the burning pain again and find the time to get off of work). After explaining, how my face burned for 6 hours after my pixel treatment and how long it took my face to recover it was decided that the laser would be lowered.

Second pixel was done on March 17, the burning pain lasted for only 3 hours and March 22 was the first day I felt comfortable with appearance to go out in public. I cannot tell you if the treatment worked because I decided to not have the last treatment, I will take credit and use it for Botox treatments. There is no way that I will be able to go through the burning pain of pixel again, two tries were enough. FYI, my face was numbed 30 minutes before treatment. You should also expect a burning smell that will linger for a day. Good luck and it might just be that I am too sensitive.

There was some lightning of the brown spotting and the scaring did reduce but did not disappear. It was not a dramatic change; family and friend say that they do not see a difference. I see a difference with the brown spots and the scaring is not as deep. I do warn though that once this procedure is done, be sure to always wear sun block because any browns spots you had, will not compare to the new once you will get if sun block is not used.

You have certainly kept a balanced perspective by noting that the treatment might not be a good fit for you due to sensitivity, especially considering the amount of discomfort it sounds like you went through. I'm glad to hear you were able to make the decision this wasn't the right choice for you and that the clinic you are going to is willing to credit you the remainder of the cost.

Did you see any change at all, since you did do 2/3 of the treatment?

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