Use Broad Spectrum Sunblock & Avoid Sun when Having Facial Peels-Chino, CA

I had glycolic peels before & had worked well...

I had glycolic peels before & had worked well for me.I have light brown facial discoloration & is fading away. Anyone having facial rejuvenations (laser or chemical or mechanical peels) should know that using a broad spectrum sunblock (SPF 45 or higher, with Zinc Oxide Z-Cote) & avoiding the sun will give you a good outcome. Not having any protection will burn the skin that had just been 'peeled off'. Don't blame anyone except yourself for not knowing this very basic rule.

Hi Ms. Diamonds,

It is true sunscreen does help create a positive outcome, but with many different skin types on many different people the peel is not going to react the same way for everyone hence some having an negative experience with the peel reaching much beyond their personal control. The community appreciates your input about sunscreen and thank you for your review. Do you happen to have pictures you would like to share?  :)


Becki Kapono

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