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TCA for Rolling Scars - China

Hello,everyone .My name is jie,I from...

Hello,everyone .My name is jie,I from shanghai,China. I had a bad experience scar treatment in Chinese hospital and our country's Treatment technology is lag behind So I decide to help myself ,I have large area rolling scars. I purchased the 25% TCA online..I read the instruction and researched tca from internet,after I performed( big area) the 25% tca two times but I still have many questions.

Please help me! Q1:How long keep the solution on my face ? 30sec or 1-3 min ? When I see the frosted I should neutralize it ,Not completely white right ?Q2:Some rolling scars on my face is deep, should i do additional layers(Iwo layers total)or apply stronger solution (like 35%) ? Please tell me the exactly answer. Q3:Two layer 25%tca Equivalent to 35%? the questions just for the rolling scar, Thanks for read. Best regards!


The answers in this Q&A might help:

When Doing a TCA Peel at Home, How Long Should You Keep the Solution on Face?

I'm glad you are looking into how to do this before actually doing it. Please let us know how it goes if you decide to use the peel.

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