Double Eyelid Surgery in China: Slow Healing?

Hi i'm asian (Male) 24 years old. 3 months and 5...

Hi i'm asian (Male) 24 years old. 3 months and 5 days ago i got double eyelid surgery. i think it was the DST method. im not happy with the results. i think maybe i am a slow healer, my eyes look alot like this Pic

i also got an multiple crease, on my left eye, just like in the Picture it always appears after 22:00 or when im tired , or when i dont have enough sleep

i must say that i dont have a healthy lifestyle, sleeping late, smoking

im really getting paranoid that it will be like this pemanently

i was told it would look natural after 3weeks Arghhhhhhhh!! im really regretting it but i still have faith that is will come alright i really didnt need this surgery because i looked just fine with single eyelid

is this a result from bad surgery? how come i heal so slowly? also my eyes are little bit swollen in the morning when i wake up is this a sign that i am still healing ?


Well, dude, complications do arise you know, and in 99% of cases any surgeon will tell you go back to the original surgeon UNLESS you tell them that your surgeon told you to get a second opinion and in that case they might help you. But in your case your original surgeon will probably, and I can't give you a 100% guarantee, that he will probably help you for free. If they know they messed up usually they will do it for free but they won't tell you they messed up.
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