Hump or Fold Between Tip and Dorsal Bone After Rhinplasty, Piggy Nose, Wider Nostrils, Columela Reduction - China, CN

3 days ago I had an open mild septoplasty /...

3 days ago I had an open mild septoplasty / rhinoplasty. The rhinoplasty consisted on fixing a small deviation on one side of the tip (cartilage) and shorten also a bit the columella (i said 2mm).... I was never unhappy with my nose but since they were going to open it, I thought why not correcting it a bit while keeping the same nose. I told him the change should be really minimal and those who don't know me that well shouldn't be able to tell. I said, 'keep same size, projection, shape...just straighten it and remove a bit of columella', especially cause when smiling it would drop. I am shock with the results, I see a completely horrible different smaller nose, huge nostrils, round tips, folding above the tip and at the base of the dorsum (it is now covered with tape but it is still noticeable) No bone was touched at least. PLEASE TELL ME HOW MUCH IMPROVEMENT I CAN EXPECT FROM THIS POINT. I guess revision is not possible before at least 8-12 months...what I am gonna do until then?

TODAY I AM DESPERATE AND TOTALLY UNHAPPY with the outcome. I have a round nose, big nostrils, no projection of the tip and a huge bump between the top of the tip and the base of the dorsum. My doctor says that it will all go down once the swelling is is hard for me to believe there will be such major improvement from what you can see in the picture. I know it is early to judge but please with your expert eye, can you agree that this is not looking good at all?


I think it will drop a bit. Ive read a lot about ppl feeling it is "pig"like at beginning. It doesnt appear u needed anything done and the end result just looks like swollen version of what you had so I would agree once the swelling goes down all will fall into place. So sorry you are having hard time,hang in there.
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Hopefully there will be an improvement in 3 weeks. My Dr said you need to wait at least that long before making any calls.
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SusanS75, I am also sailing in the same boat as you. I can understand what you must be going through. I am just counting my days and with every passing day m accepting what I am left to look like now. keep patience, once the nose heals up you would notice change in its structure. just keep calm, give it time to heal and then if the results aren't good you can decide what to do down the road. For now getting frustrated is not a solution. keep patience. wish you a speedy recovery.
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