Difficulty with Chin Implant Recovery

Happy with more balanced profile, but somewhat...

Happy with more balanced profile, but somewhat concerned about numbness, stiffness, lip incompetence now four weeks out. Reason for procedure was about better balance to my face.

Four weeks ago I had a chin implant along with a platysmaplasty. No issues at all with the neck procedure. Recovery with the chin implant is a different story. My doctor tells me that it sometimes takes up to three months before numbness goes away. I accept that. But is moderate chin stiffness usual at this point? What bothers me most of all is that I feel like it's difficult to close my lips together. I can do it, but it's not a comfortable position and gives my chin an odd, sort of strange, slightly dimpled look. Perhaps this is all about swelling? I also have issues with eating since my lower lip is numb and uncooperative. I don't feel like the implant is too big, especially when I look at myself in profile or from the front. I just can't figure out what is at work here causing these issues. Any input at all is so appreciated.
I'm 23 days post chin implant. Incision was made inside mouth. I was totally panicked for about 2 weeks due to numbness of lower lip and chin. His has improved somewhat, although feeling has not totally returned. I feel a tightness across the incision and can't pull my lower lip up like I used to be able to, like when you rub your lips together after applying lipstick. Range of motion returning is huge concern.
Question: Difficulty with Chin Implant Recovery Answer: The picture on your profile appears well. Depending upon technique, it is not unusual for patients to experience your symptoms. There may be a temporary stiffness and numbness of the chin and lower lip region and there may be some local soft tissue swelling. I would expect your symptoms to improve within the next several months. It is best for you to check back with your surgeon at periodic intervals. For the many years that I have been in the practice, I have found that augmentation mentoplasty with chin implant is among the most rewarding procedures. The overwhelming majority of patients are extremely pleased with their results.
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