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I had smartlipo on my chin one week ago - Chin Smartlipo

I had smartlipo on my chin one week ago, I can...

I had smartlipo on my chin one week ago, I can tell that fat is gone, but as the swelling goes done my chin and neck look more wrinkled!!! Im freaking out a little, I was trying to prevent turkey neck and now I'm afraid I have it!! It looks like a pucker or bump or lump or something not very attractive right under my chin, right above my adams apple, do women have an adams apple??

I called my doctor, the nurse said it was perfectly normal and it would go away but couldnt give me a time frame as to when. She told me to massage the area, what does that do?? She said it makes it smoother and I have massaged for 3 hours now and am feeling a little raw in that area!!!

Patience is a virtue and I have none evidently, I dont want turkey neck. Did anyone else have this in their chin area and if so did it go away and how long did it take?Help....

Oh yeah, I should do a review, no pain, some bruising, some swelling and would do again if this gobbler neck goes away...soon!


what city in virginia did you get your lipo done?
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I had lipo on my neck 4 weeks ago and I didn't get the turkey neck. I did see a bit of wrinkling, but not loose skin, after about 2 weeks so I started putting a lot of my neck cream to try to reduce the wrinkles and it seemed to work. Did you wear the head/neck garment for 2 weeks 24/7? and continue to use it 6 weeks? If you aren't you should ask about getting one from your doctor.
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