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After 8 days postsurgery - Chin Smartlipo - Virginia

I just recently had smartlipo on my chin/neck area...

I just recently had smartlipo on my chin/neck area and the bruising/swelling was horrific. After 8 days postsurgery, my face is still swollen, but bruising is finally subsiding. My lower right corner of my mouth is numb (cannot smile on the right) and was told the feeling would return in a couple of weeks. I trust my physician so I believe that will eventually happen.

If this procedure is suppose to reduce swelling/bruising, then I would hate to see what normal liposuction results would be on me. I also had smartlip on my hip area with some bruising, but not as bad as the face. I hope it was worth it. Am seeing some results and still wearing headdress.

What gives?

I had smartlipo on my chin & neck & jowls in Oct 08, finally seeing good results, lumps have mostly gone away, one very small one left. My skin is tightening still and the doctor told me yesterday I still have a little more to go before fully healed. One tip he told me if I an still tender in spots then I am still healing. Hang in there it takes awhile to heal fully. I hope you get the results you are looking for.
I had smartlipo under my chin and jowls one month ago. I am still very lumpy. I massage as often as I can and it seems to improve immediately after massaging - but he lumps come right back. You are three months in and your lumps are gone (or mostly gone). Hopefully, mine will go too. Good luck and thanks for writing.
Did you have your chin done (smartlipo)? If so, can you move your mouth? Do you have lumps under your chin? See, still worried.
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