Chin Liposuction is Perfect in Conjunction with a Facelift

I had light chin liposuction during my facelift...

I had light chin liposuction during my facelift last October. I am mid-40s and I look my age. I didn’t think I looked horrible then but this was to be a proactive step. Women my age can attest: you often don’t get fat in certain areas because you are fat; it is just there. Then it starts to hang and pull your skin down and soon you find yourself not looking trim.

My doc suggested chin lipo when I asked about a lower facelift. He told me point blank that he could pull the skin back up and I would look better but that in three or four years time the weight of the fat in my chin would pull it right down again. I appreciated this honesty and it made complete sense! He was a guiding light on my surgical journey and really helped me to make the right decisions.

The work he did was fantastic. I had a full facelift but my most drastic change came in my chin area because he removed the fat there and also pulled the skin up. It is dramatic and this alone makes me happy for the procedure. The results I see in the rest of my face are lovely as well. I looked refreshed and I would say mid to late 30s... but GOOD.

Liposuction isn’t for everyone but I can’t recommend it enough in conjunction with a facelift. Fat deposits may very well be your real problem so ask your doctor!

Thank you for your information about your procedures. I, also, am in my mid 40's - 45 - and just had a Microlaser Peel and IPL yesterday. I am in a lot of pain right now and hating that I did it! (But when I see the results, hopefully I will change my mind. lol) I am considering chin liposuction also but now am really concerned about the recovery. (because of what I'm going through now) Can you please tell me your recovery experience? Thank you so much!
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