I tried the non surgical route with radiesse firs - Chin Implant

I tried the non surgical route with radiesse...

I tried the non surgical route with radiesse first, and all that did is make me want a more prominent, permanent result. This in and out place charged me $700 for a syringe of the stuff, and wanted me to come back in 4 weeks for more. I called two surgeons and had 2 consults. Went with the second, who is a local guy born and raised in my hometown. He's a great guy, and a great surgeon. I kept bothering him about how I wanted the biggest implant they could get! He was cool.. Anyway I'm really happy with it. I'm almost 4 weeks post op. The swelling and discomfort is now minimal. I opted not to lipo my neck and am now focused on weight loss for overall health (and to enhance my jawline).

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I am also opting for a chin implant at a reasonable rate. That is a very fair price, who did you see? what doctor? Please let me know!
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How are you doing now, Caymen? Has the swelling gone away completely yet?

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Yes, for the most part I think the swelling is gone. This whole thing was actually a bit of a roller coaster ride for me. I fell in love with the 2 week post op look, and when I went in to see the doc 3 weeks post op he said it's going to go down more...I was a bit depressed for a short time, but now am pretty happy with the finished product.
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