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I have a very short n recessed chin so I had my...

I have a very short n recessed chin so I had my 1st chin implant 3 yrs back outside of USA cause it was cheap. It was solid peculiar implant which caused me lots of suffering. It looked boxy, fake and hideous!! like I have broken my chin.Infection, pain, swelling stayed for 1 yr. I was doing lot of travelling so cudn't consult my PS. I decided to see a Doc in another country who gave me antibiotic for long time. Finally I started to look how i was suppose to. It gave me a great deal of vertical length, I started to like my chin and face. I looked great. when I came to US I consulted with PS, he was worried abt the implant material.fn asked me to change it to more natural material like soft silicone implant. So I went for it. Recovery was great!! I was fine within 2 wks. no pain, not much swelling. But Somehow my face looks round n fat. I thought I am over thinking but all my friends say I looked pretty before feel like a fool now. I sud have researched more. Chin implant never gives vertical length, it only gives forward projection. So if u r looking for a long slim face, implant is not the option. It also causes bone erosion n within 10-15 yrs appearance of the chin goes back to " before implant chin" look.

I am in my mid 20s so considering a life long solution - Sliding Genioplasty. Its aggressive, takes more recovery time but is the permanent solution. Tough part is finding the right surgeon. I know many of u might think, give it a rest but am OCD abt this :(. Dr.Zide ( in Manhattan), Dr. Posnick ( in Maryland) , Dr.Mandel (in NYC) were great surgeons but they dont perform SG only for cosmetic purpose anymore. I've heard they only perform complicated referral cases So guys does any of u can recommend a good maxio-facial/ plastic surgeon for Sliding Genio? and anyone who has done it, how much did it cost?? Thanks a lot, hope my experience helped.

Hi Jennifer, thanks for sharing your review with us. Please keep us updated on your progress and on what you decide to do about your SG!


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