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Well i suffer from, cleft palate, and cleft lip,...

well i suffer from, cleft palate, and cleft lip, and an underbit as well, as right now i have a surgery upcoming, for a bone graft, but i was informed that latet i should be having needed jaw surgery, im pretty scared, i am 18 years old, i hate the way that i look, im am all ways depressed... my teeth are really messed up, im wo.deri.g if theyll ever be fixed and repaired... Im scarred about this whe process, tired of looking like myself... My nose also is pretty messed up, but i had surgery for cosmetic reasons on it before as i was small, can they opperate on it again? My nose is pretty flate and kind of has a curve and bump, ill shall be posti.g pictures when i find out how


I'm sorry to hear you are scared about your upcoming surgery. That is understandable though. I see that you are going through Childrens Hospital in LA. I can't say I know a lot about that particular hospital, but it seems Childrens tends to have very high quality care providers.

Since you mentioned you were wanting to post pictures you can click here to go to the page on the Support Center that gives instructions on how to do that. If you are ever needing help on how to navigate the site you can click the little "Help" icon at the bottom and you can access lots of great information like this.

I also wanted to make sure you know that we have an entire Revision Rhinoplasty community where you can look for information on options for a second nose surgery.

As for your bone graft surgery that is coming up, is that to help rebuild your palate?

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