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Hello ladies. I am 5'1 and weigh 125. I have 5...

Hello ladies. I am 5'1 and weigh 125. I have 5 beautiful sons, they are 17, 20, 22, 25, and 31. I also have a 4 year old grandson and 1 year old granddaughter. I had a emergency c section with my last child that left me with a hip to hip scar and excess skin on my abdomin that I cannot exercise away... as you all know. I had a BA with donut lift 16 years ago after my last son, and wanted to do TT then... but I hemorrhaged so badly during my c section, the doctor would not do TT and BA at the same time. I had planned to go back the next year, but my husband was not very supportive of the idea and one year has turned to 15..... Since then, my husband and I divorced, and I have been raising my 4 youngest sons by myself for 12 years. It certainly became more difficult to save for the TT, and it felt super selfish to even think about while trying to take care of them on my own.

I was in a car accident 2 years ago, and the seatbelt compressed my left breast and herniated the scar capsule, causing the implant to poke through and you can feel a 'bubble' . Also, my right breast, which was always slightly larger than my right, (even after the BA) had started to sag over the implant. ( the Dr warned me that might happen) He had recommended back then to do a complete lift on the right side but I didn't want the additional scar.... so going that route this time. I asked about a doing a TT at the same time this time, and it was ok. I hadnt heard the term "mommy make over' until then.

In my clothes, I look great.... but I feel like a fraud. I wear a size 3 pants and a 36 DD bra. Most people wouldnt guess the flaws hidden by the clothing. I am super uncomfortable in a swimsuit, and just walking naked from shower to bed.

I had my labs done last week and the Dr. called me on tuesday, saying he wanted me to come in to talk about my labs... that freaked me out. I was super worried I was going to get the news, that I had some blood cancer, HIV or something crazy. It turns out I am slightly anemic... whew!! but now I am super worried about being able to have both surgeries done again. He put me on iron supplement and I am eating a iron rich diet... I will have my labs done again on monday... crossing fingers... I do not want to do one, unless I can do both this time.

I have purchased all my supples and paid for everything last week. Which reminds me! My Dr had everything also run through my insurance company.. what was going to be a $9800.00 procedure, plus $900.00 for the anesthesiologist, cost me out of pocket $4100.00 total!! my insurance picked up the rest! I didnt think they would cover any of it.
I posted 4 pics, I will post more after my procedure.. I am having (hopefully) TT without lipo,but with muscle cinching, BA with lift...

Wish me luck!!

Tomorrow is your big day! You completely deserve this and I hope you'll keep us updated on how everything goes. Fingers and toes crossed that it's smooth sailing for you.

I think we all go through an almost manic phase where it becomes a realazation and we try to close up loose ends as fast and as best as possible. You are totally normal! Try to think of it as a dream come true instead of dread- easy to say I know but be positive and healing will be just a bit easier ;)
I agree with Kh22502! You totally deserve this after having raised your boys on your own for 12yrs! Many of us on this site have the same feeling of guilt especially when our children are our main priority.
I'm wishing all the best for you! And that's awesome that your insurance is covering almost half of it!

I'm suppose to have my labs done this week, my pre-op is next Monday, 9/24 and my surgery is tentatively scheduled for 10/2 at 8a. It's only 2 weeks away but I'm still having cold feet!

Good Luck tomorrow!

Hello ladies. Well, I'm 2 days post op & headed to...

Hello ladies. Well, I'm 2 days post op & headed to my second post op appointment. I have my pain pumps still & two drains. Hardly anything in them, so maybe they will come out. I am in almost no pain, I would say more discomfort. The binder is very uncomfortable around my rib cage where the tubes are coming out. Renting the hospital bed was absolutely the best recommendation. So worth the money. I slept all the way fr 8:30 to 6 am this morning! I am so happy I was able to have both procedures & the dr said I lost very little blood. I will post more after the appointment.
prayers are with u your goin to look hot have any new pic yet iam goin oct 1 any tips
AT4M, I am SO happy for you! I just had the opportunity to read your story, wow! I am SO glad you will be able to be happy with your body again as you look into empty nesting and probably dating and maybe remarrying one day if you choose! Way to go raising those 4 boys alone and praise GOD how your insurance picked up half of the cost and your Doc was honest (rather than pocketing both as I have heard of some doing). Can't wait to see your afters and totally privileged to cheer for and with ya!!
Thank you ladies. It feels good to have people that are understanding. My 25 year old son & his wife have been a huge help. They have helped get me to and from my appointments since I can't climb up into my jeep. My daughter in law said, ' I'm so damn jealous! My mother in law is going to have a better body than me!! I want a mommy makeover!' I told her not to make me laugh! Lol. Pretty funny tho. I had the pain pump removed this morning & it freaked me out, cuz I was afraid of the pain & medications, they make me sick & I was not looking forward to puking. My nurse told me that the pump has been empty for 12 hours! I literally am in no pain, just back ache & discomfort from being hunched over. My BF wins BF of the year award! He has been amazing. I saw photos of my surgery today, I'll get them Monday & post do y'all can see. Pretty amazing. As much as the garment squeezes my rib cage, I love it. It feels like a security blanket. I'm afraid to take it off. I'm not going to mess with it until the drains & tubes come out. I can't wait to see me unwrapped!!! I will post when that happens. Quick healing to fellow post-ops & good luck to those waiting!

Well, had my 5 day post op today... Got drains...

Well, had my 5 day post op today... Got drains out!! Yay! Dr also removed all tape & applied new. Dr was so good in answering all my questions & hearing my concerns...( I was freaked out about the tubes being pulled out of my body!) I lived through the event & he gave me a piece of candy, lol! I think I'm in love with my dr. :-)
So far, I LOVE what he has done. I noticed my left nipple is lower than my right (opposit of before surgery!) but Dr explained that the right breast had the lift & not the left, & it will take a few months for the right breast to relax & settle.... Either way, I'm happy. They are the same size finally. Tummy looks fantastic & dr said I am healing fantastically well.
My boyfriend has been taking care of me & I am SO thankful!!! He has been staying here with me & doing EVERYTHING. (he hasn't seen me naked since surgery tho, I won't let him) I did show him surgery pics of my tummy open & the pieces the cut off of me!!! He wanted to see that, so gross!!! I'll try & post new pics soon. Happy Healing ladies!!

Adding day 5 pics!!!

adding day 5 pics!!!
Ok..... So the post op was good, I have had the drains out since day 5, so today they took off all the tape checked me for possible infections (none noted, looks good) and reviewed all the biopsies.... All clear :-) I was instructed how to change tape and apply 'scar fade' each evening... Which I will do, with pleasure. We discussed how my breasts were settling into the proper shape & to continue with wearing the 'shaping bra' as he calls it.... Sounds good to me... Feeling pretty good, when to lunch at olive garden & a little shopping with my daughter in law after the appointment.... I got to hear all about her plans for MM after next baby is born :-) as she got to read all the pamphlets at the PS office while waiting for me.... I SO understood.
Thank you CL2!!! I feel pretty damn good, I wore black yoga pants & a pink ladies pullover t shirt today.... It was very cute & my tshirt laid flat!!! Beneath my boobs at least, lol!!!
I put a roast in the crock pot this morning (the first meal I've cooked since surgery) & now it is time to relax & take a nap!!!
You look awesome!!! Very happy that you are recovering so well!
Okay that makes perfect sense with sensitive skin. Yeah no kidding, wait till your swelling goes down you are gonna be skinny mini

Today was awesome :-) I am 9 days post op & went...

Today was awesome :-) I am 9 days post op & went to my hairdressers & had my hair done.... Color & super cute new short hairstyle.... Fun & sassy :-) can't wait til my WBF (no DH for me... I have Wonderful Boy Friend) gets off work & sees it.... I didn't tell him I was having anything done. I love it tho, even if he doesn't. I had hair past my bra strap, now it's not even shoulder length!! I decided I needed a new style to go with the new body :-) then I went to lunch with my girlfriend (who was amazed how good I looked) she started asking all kinds of questions..... Lol.... I'll never tell! now I'm exhausted & gonna take a nap!!! I recommend new hairstyle for MM ladies!!! Feels great!!
Dr Richard Morgan

This Dr has been exceptional in my complete patient care. He is open and honest, is very knowledgeable and stays current on procedures. He used a method on my BL that I have not seen before & I love it!! He is kind, gentle and respectful. Payment was easy and fair, my insurance covered half & he told me they did!!! Great dr!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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