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Procedure itself was painless. I chose this...

Procedure itself was painless. I chose this procedure to combat very baggy skin on upper eyelids. It is still too early to tell if I will be happy with the results.

I went back to Dr. one week after surgery (surgery was week and a half ago) to have stitches removed. He was unable to remove stitches because my skin had healed over. He then cut the ends and told me it would be fine if the stitches stayed in, that the material was compatable with my body. I am nervous about how well I am healing, lids are still puffy and numb to the touch. I am concerned that scar tissue will form around the stitches. Should I insist that the doctor remove the stitches?

It has been a year and I am happy with the results...

It has been a year and I am happy with the results and no residual problems with the stitches. My eyes look much better and I have no regrets about having the procedure. The healing process was pretty quick and painless.

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Would like doctor info as well,
thank you much for sharing.
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Could you please share with me your doctor's information? I would love to contact him for a eyelid surgery.
Thank you,
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Thanks for posting an update, envy926! It's good to hear that the problem with the stitches resolved itself.

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I was surprised to read that the Doctor left in the stitches. I'm sure he knows what he's doing, but I know that in my situation it seemed that my body was trying to push out the stitches (it looked like a little whitehead was forming around the stitch). My concern would be that if this were to happen to you, there's no end to grasp a hold of, which may lead to an invasive procedure to remove them. But talk to your Doctor about it, and remember... while he/she has the training and expertise, it is your body (as well as time and money), so you should be happy and comfortable with your result. I really hope that all goes well for you.
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