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No Zingers and I Do See a Difference

After reading all the reviews online for Zoom! I...

After reading all the reviews online for Zoom! I changed my appointment twice due to nerves, and seriously thought about cancelling all together. I finally had it done this past weekend. I didn’t have one zinger or a single ounce of pain. I guess everyone must be different.

I brushed my teeth with Sensodyne for about 10 days prior to my appointment. It’s a little uncomfortable to have all the equipment in your mouth for about an hour (prep time takes awhile) but if you have ever had braces or other dental work done, it’s pretty much just like that. The salon I had it done had on the Food Network so I sat back and watched a little Giada- not bad at all.

The results are not life changing but I do see a difference and will continue to use the trays as upkeep. I say go for it!

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It says it cost you $175! May I ask, where in Chicago did you get your treatment done? Thank you : )
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Good tip about using Sensodyne Toothpaste before getting the whitening done!

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