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I'm in the Home Stretch - Chicago, IL

I'm 32 w/ 2 adorable children (6 & 22...

I'm 32 w/ 2 adorable children (6 & 22 months) and a great husband. I'm very excited & nervous about my upcoming hysterectomy & tummy tuck! My tummy does not reflect the person I am. I've been considering this surgery for a long time so when I found out I had to have a hysterectomy I had seize the opportunity. I can't wait to see the new me. I'm very nervous about the pain, but I'm sure it will all be worth it once I'm all healed up!

Anyone have any recommendations or advice to offer?

In my earlier stat I forgot to mention I'm...

In my earlier stat I forgot to mention I'm 5'4" and 180 lbs. I've started working out about 3 months ago and I've seen a difference in how my clothes fit, but my huge jelly belly won't go down. I realize I must workout for the rest of my life, but at least the outcome will show a huge difference. I've been asking going back and forth asking should I spend this amount of money for my peace of mind and each time the answer is YES!!! I feel so selfish, however I'm always putting everyone's needs above my own. I've decided to do something for me! So I'm having my tummy tuck with flanks done while the hysterectomy is being performed! I'll upload pics soon I'm just very embarrassed!

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Hi Kimmers. I decided to push the date back until I loose some additional weight. After reading the reviews and speaking with my physicians I want to get the best result possible. Ibe given myself a few months to shed some pounds. I've decided to go in around the 2nd week in October if not sooner! Thanks for checking on me I was getting pretty discouraged.
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I think you will be very happy with that decision.  You will have amazing results if you are close to your ideal weight. 

Focus on weight loss and building muscle.  You will have a much easier recovery if you are in peak shape.

Keep me up to date:)  I want to cheer you on when you do this procedure. 

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Thinking about you and hope you are doing well.

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Good for you in doing this!  You deserve it and should do this for yourself.  As women and mothers we are always doing for everyone else and nothing for ourselves.

You will feel amazing and rejuvenated after surgery.  A little over a month to go and and you will be all fixed up.  Say goodbye to the muffin top. 

Make sure you have plenty of help lined up for the kids after surgery. 

The first week will be the toughest and it will get easier from there on out.  It is all temporary so just hang tough and you will be fine.  Do plan to go extra easy the first six weeks..especially having both procedures done together.

I will be following your posts:)
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Kimmer's thank you for your words of encouragement. I've become a little obsessed with this sight. I literally find myself reviewing updates several times per day. As the time gets closer I'm trying to see if I should Pishpek my date back to allow for more time tonloose weight. My ideal weight is 155. I want the best possible results dorm my tummy tuck. My gynecologist is willing to wait until the end of this year if I'm willing! I'm looking more forward to my new body and I want the best outcome! What do you think?
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Well it is true that the closer you are to your ideal weight the better results you will have.  Most doctors say that you should be within 15-20 pounds of your ideal weight.  But ideal weight is different for everyone.  I do not believe in these scales at the doctors offices.   I am 5'-1" and when I weighed 136pounds they told me I was over weight.  I seriously wanted to smack someone.  I had/have great muscle tone, work out 5 times a week and have excellent cardio strength.  I was feeling pretty fit at that weight.  According to the "Scale" I should weigh around 105-110...RIGHT.  Not happening. 

So with that said you really need to go with your first reaction.  If your first thought is that you want to drop a few more pounds before surgery then I say go for it.  You can always have the surgery done.  This is not a race darlin.  As long as your other procedure is not an emergency...

And I completely understand about the website obsession...done it myself!  That is ok though you obsess away until your heart is content.  This is an awesome support group. 

I always tell people to follow their heart and gut.  They will never lead you down the wrong path.  Please let me know what you decide. 

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