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I had laser lipo with tumescent 2 weeks ago and am...

I had laser lipo with tumescent 2 weeks ago and am still recovering. I'm a 27 healthy male, very active and fit, workout 6x a week cardio/weight training and very healthy diet (no trans fat, high protein, low carb).

I was fat in high school (5'8 & 215) but since lost it all, except for some stubborn fat on the abdomen. Thus, I got tumescent based laser lipo.

Post surgery (pics below). All the swelling is gone, the results were noticeable immediately, but my main concern is that i have quite a bit of scar tissue formation on the lower abdomen. My PS said to not worry about it as it will go away in a few months, but another PS friend I spoke to said to massage it every day for 40 mins.

Any ideas on what to do about the scar tissue? Is it helpful at this state to help re-attach the skin back to the muscles or will it detract from the final results? PS. Photo is t+10 days post op. Thanks! Sean

I had tumescent assisted laser lipo 2 weeks ago on upper and lower abdomen. I have significant scar tissue (hard lumps) on my mid section and lower abdomen. My PS said not to worry since the scar tissue will go away in 3 mos. I was wondering if scar tissue was healthy at this stage for any skin tightening aspects and if not approximately how many weeks post op should the lumps (scar tissue) expect to go down?

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Intelligent, good pre-op preparation and post-op care

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Hi socopenn - how are things now? Are you happy with your outcome?

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Can you give me an update on how your lumps are coming?
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Maybe you expect TO MUCH! I would leave everything alone and enjoy your life. From MIAMI
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I would try ANYTHING, but over the internet I can not recommend more than I have. If Dr. A is such a "good friend", you really should follow his advise. Best of luck Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, MIAMI
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Hi Dr- I'm about 3 months post recovery and while am pleased with my results, the bottom part of my stomach still feels a little spongy (below the belly button) The upper abs are all very tight. I saw my PS, who upon inspecting the lower abs told me this was all connective tissue and refused to tumesce the area and re-do a lipo since he said there was no fat left. Have you encountered this before, and are there any options for treatment? My PS recommended a corticosteroid shot, but I've never heard of this option and am concerned on the efficacy of this injection overall. Thanks Sean
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GREAT result. As for those "lumps", they are a combination of melted fats+blood. In most cases (over 60%) these are reabsorbed within 3 to 6 months. Otherwise there is a risk of becoming scarred tissue causing irregularities in the result. I ALWAYS offer deep tissue lymphatic massages in the 1st post operative month, up to 5 sessions. I have found and seen these lumps disappear much sooner than if left alone. Hope I have helped, regards Dr. darryl J. Blinski, MIAMI Smart Lipo Clinical Instructor.
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Thanks Dr. A friend of mine who's also a PS advised me to take a rolling pin for dough and massage my stomach lightly daily for 30 mins for about 2-4 weeks post surgery. Do you recommend this type of massage to free up the bumps? Also will the skin sag if the bumps go away?
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