1st Tray with Invisalign

This is my 3rd day wearing the invisalign and...

this is my 3rd day wearing the invisalign and everything is going smoothly. I did feel a little pressure initially; more on the bottom tray verses the upper. I have more crowding on the bottom. Invisalign prescribed 17 Upper trays and 18 Lower trays. Not bad, that will give me about 9 months until I see my perfect smile. No one at work as noticed them. I smile and talk normally. The only minor complaint I have so far is that the lower tray is rubbing against the back of my tongue and it's sore. I bought othro wax and it helped a great deal. I plan on doing a salt water rinse tonight to help with the healing. The side of my cheeks are adjusting to the trays and not irriated any more.

Overall, I am very pleased. my only advie, PRACTICE PRACTICE taking them in and out for first day. I hope this info helps.


i am on my 3rd day to and i am having that problem with my tongue as well did the salt water help i have been using the wax and it does help but it is kinda hard redo 3 times a day ya know so i wonder if my tongue will adjust after a few days of not putting anything on it what do you suggest
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Dr. Krajl

Awesome dentist and staff.

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