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Hello folks! I have a question about...

Hello folks!

I have a question about Invisalign. I'm currently wearing metal braces and I was told I'm qualified for Invisalign in a couple of weeks. After the Invisalign evaluation, how long does it take to get my first set of Invisalign? Also, would I need to be wearing metal braces in the meantime?


Thank you for your comments! =)
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It should come in about 4 weeks, but your appointment may be a little after that period like mine was. (due to the doctor not being around

AS far as still wearing the braces in the mean time... Hmm thats a tricky one. Because you will have to take impressions. You cant have braces on while doing that. So I guess not? But then your teeth can start shifting after the impressions, since the braces will not be in. Talk to the doctor, Im sure they have a way and will tell you.
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My dentist told me it wld take about 4 weeks I am still waiting on my aligners.
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