Sculptra = Lumpy Face

I had Sculptra injected into my face to fill out...

I had Sculptra injected into my face to fill out my cheek bones in Sept. of 2006... 3 1/2 years later i STILL have a huge lump that protrudes out of my right cheek every time I open my mouth.

It was PAINFUL to have it done, EXPENSIVE to have it done, and the results were minimal except for the huge granuloma aka lump on my face I'm now dealing with. My doctor tried to tell me that I had it before the injections. Yeah, right.

Recently I went to a new doctor and tried Radiesse for my "puppet lines" on each side of my mouth. It was NOT at all painful, about 1/3 the cost and worked much better. Stay away from the Sculptra!


What happened to all the Doctors, in territories set up over two years ago, who had ideas on how to get rid of problems? Seems they are gone.....
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Thanks for sharing your experience and I'm so sorry to hear you've had problems. Unfortunately there have been a few Sculptra patients on RealSelf who have had trouble getting rid of it when lumps formed. Did your new doc have any solutions for you?

BTW, is your cost listed correctly? It says $2 - that's cheap. :)

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