Underwent Expecting Thinner, Wide Nose/nostrils

I am 18 years old and decided to go for the...

I am 18 years old and decided to go for the procedure 6 months ago right after I turned 18. I decided to get it done because when I smiled my nostrils looked very wide, and I thought my nose was large. I came out of the surgery with an even more bolbous looking tip and a very tight feeling around my nose and mouth area when I smile. My nose now looks very unnatural on my face and i wish every day that I had my old nose back.

If you are considering this surgery, espeically if you are young, I would reccomend it for only those with an EXTREME need for it. Don't waste the money and go through the pain only to learn the hard way that the features that suit you best are the ones you are born with.

who did your surgery if you dont mind saying? Im looking to have a revision done and dont want to have someone else screw my nose up more than it already is!!!

Sorry to hear this wasn't worth it to you. Doctors say that rhinoplasty's full results often can't be seen for a year, so perhaps your nose tip is still swollen and the tightness will subside. Please keep us updated!

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