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I had 3 moles removed, but the one I'm writing...

I had 3 moles removed, but the one I'm writing about was in an inconvenient spot where it was often knicked with my hairbrush, by hairstylists, etc.

The Dr. removed a mole from the back of my head. Removal options and costs were never presented or explained to me. Later, I received a bill twice the cost of a previous opinion. In addition, the mole grew back within months of the procedure. When I called to inquire why the mole was not fully removed, I was told that full removal was not the normal procedure. That I should come in for the full removal for an additional $3,000. I asked, if the $450 that I had, already, paid would be applied towards this procedure, I was told no.

If I knew what I know now about the cost and types of removal, I would have sought out another dermatologist and made sure I had a full removal. (Especially, considering scarring wasn't a concern with the location of the mole under my hairline). Instead I am out $450 and still have the mole. This was a waste of my time and money.

Hi 699485anon,

Sorry to hear about everything you went through in this process, but it sounds like you are more unhappy with the doctors office than the actual procedure. Unfortunately, moles can grow back, I had one removed 4 years ago on my back and it is coming back. You might want to go to a different dermatologist to get yours removed all the way, here are some doctors we recommend in your area. Thanks for the post and please keep us updated.


Murad Alam, MD

There is a major lack of communication in this office. I do not recommend this doctor.

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