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Lipo-Ex Side Effects- Hard Bump, Red and Tender & Warm - Chicago, IL

I have had 3 Lipo-Ex treatments (radio frequency -...

I have had 3 Lipo-Ex treatments (radio frequency - fat melt) of the abdomen. The first 2 were without pain or side effects. However, the third I had a different technician and felt the procedure was warmer, and rougher. After the 3rd treatment my abs were a little sore, 3 days after the treatment I have noticed a hard bump/lump that is round in the lower part of my stomach just above my c-section scars, now the area is very tender to the touch and the skin is red and warm....is there cause for alarm? HELP!!

After a few recommedations to see a DR. I did today 11/21/11 and I have been put on antibiotics.....has anyone had these types of issues with this treatment? No blood drawn just placed on amoxicillin for a week - is this sufficient?

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