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Is Working Better on Left Eye Than Right Eye for Some Reason. Works on Brows Too! - Chicago, IL

Been using latisse for slightly over 2 months with...

Been using latisse for slightly over 2 months with nice improvement in the lashes of my left eye but not as much with the lashes of my right eye. has this happened to anyone else? hopefully the right eyelashes will catch up?

anyway, very happy so far. barely any side effects other than slight irritation/dryness at first which has diminished over time. best thing about it is its working on my eyebrows, too. i tweezed them way too thin a long time ago and ever since then they've refused to grow back. but the latisse is helping them grow back in and i'm so happy. for years i've had to pencil my brows just to look normal but now i won't have to.

also, to save product, dont use the brushes it comes with. buy one thin-tipped eyeliner brush, squeeze two drops into the latisse bottle cap, and dip the brush into as needed. i use just two drops on both eyes AND eyebrows. been doing it this way for over two months and still haven't run out yet.


I am using Lumigan with good results (7 weeks, so far). The lashes on my RIGHT eye are doing better than on my left eye! Also, I have been concentrating on two bald spots on my lower lashes - and they are just starting to fill in. My sister has been using Latisse for almost a year, and her eyelashes look totally rediculous (far too long and thick.) I told her to go to a hairdresser and get them trimmed. Sometimes too much of a good thing is simply TOO MUCH!
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Lauren , If you are doing your left eye first , then right ....try switching , maybe you are getting less product on the right ? Just a thought :) My eyebrows have never looked better either ! Amazing stuff in that little bottle :)
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ok i will switch it up and see if that helps. also a friend of mine found a pharmacy website that sells lumigan for $10. so i'm going to try that as soon as this bottle runs out..
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