Horrible Experience - Chicago, IL

I would reccomend never to ever ever do this. It...

I would reccomend never to ever ever do this. It was painful during and extremely after. My lips were burnt, and swollen for a day. My gums were burnt and had white spots on them. This treatment is insane. Absolutely like going back to the 1700's and I'm shocked any dentist could possibly reccomend this.

Sorry to hear your bad experience, however I do many many many Zoom whitening's per year and what you experienced is inexperienced dentist or hygienist Swollen lips, white dots on your gums are all very preventable in fact I have not had those side effects for years. Experience makes all the difference. If you want to get your teeth whitened ask how many the dental practitioner does per year. They may do 12-15 per year I have done 600 last year. Also It is to do with preparation and covering everything up well. The good news is those side effect will not be permanent and no damage to your teeth or gums.

I can definitely understand why you wouldn't think it was worth it if it was that uncomfortable to you. I'm sorry that was your experience. :( It is amazing how it seems to be not too bad for some people, and near torture for others. I myself am too afraid to try it!

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