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Can I Go Thru with This ......? - Chicago, IL

I am scheduled for a TT with a little (100 cc)...

I am scheduled for a TT with a little (100 cc) lipo from each hip on the 16th of October. I am 51 years old and have had 3 c-sections and one tubal thru the same incision . Last December I had my gallbladder removed. I have always been a quick healer and have been told that I have a good pain tolerance.

My weight has been fairy stable. I was probably 120 lbs. when I got married 24 years ago. I am about 135 now. So, 15 lbs over 24 years is not too bad. I work out about 5 days a week.

I have wanted to do this for many years but could not bring myself to do it while I had kids at home. Now, they are away at school and I have a chance. I have chosen my MD and have my pre-op tomorrow. I have a long list of questions that I have prepared. I am hoping that I will feel better after tomorrow. Starting to get cold feet but it seems like the timing is perfect and if I am ever going to do it now is the time,

I have been reading and learning from all those brave women who were kind enough to share their experiences and encourage others. Now I need some real self friends to help me get what I have wanted for so long.

getting ready...or not.. here I come...

The pre-op went fine. Dr expects surgery to take about 2 1/2 hours. I picked up prescriptions today . ( Viocodin, flexeral and antibiotic).

I bought some of the items required for post -op. I feel
like I am now on autopilot. I still am still scared and even after reading 100 other women's stories here I still sort of feel unprepared. Even those who say that the first month is pretty difficult still unquestionably love the result and feel that it is worth it.
That is really what is keeping me going. The satisfaction of those who have made it to the flat side !

A new problem...

Well , my bags are packed for surgery and everything is go ..until ..... I get a call yesterday that one of my children will be coming home on by surgery day instead of taking a planned trip with friends . I had decided not to share this with my kids for a variety if reasons. They were all supposed to be away . So now I have to decide what to do . I can go and stay at my moms but would feel bad not seeing him. Another option would be claiming a hernia or female surgery . I just wish I knew how I would look and act . Not sure if it's a sign that I should cancel .. Maybe it's not meant to be ..? Husband and I are going to discuss today after we find out how many days son plans to be home . Sigh ...

Last night with this belly

I am prepared for the worst (pain) but am hoping for the best ! Good luck to the other girls who are going to the flat side with me tomorrow !

Here I go ..

On my way . Thank you for all women here who support each other . It is so wonderful to have a place to research procedures and have friends hold your hand !

I did it !

I made it to the flat side . Pain immediately after was a 7-8. Once I took Vicodin and mr I felt better . More uncomfortable than pain . Had some queasiness . Little to no appetite . Trying to force something down . Very tired !! Hope all my sisters that went today are good !

Sunday, 4 days post op

Well , My experience has been very much like I heard form others. Pain was well controlled after I got home with dr prescribed meds. I started trading vicodin foe tylenol so I could feel like mt head was on straight. Last night I did take Vicodin and slept very well in bed. Today, only tylenol and MR .

I saw PS yesterday and he took off the gauze bandage under my CG. I had ayon of itching under CG. He says I am having an allergic reaction to material in garment. I added cotton t shirt a lotion that is anti-itch and it is better.

I took my first shower today. Also was finally able to poop last night after a couple doses of MOM. I am so glad i bought a shower chair. That made showering much easier.

I find that I sleep alot !!! I may get up and walk, eat, visit with my husband then I am ready for another nap. I dont have much pain left . Mostly uncomfortable with swelling. Some areas of my tummy are rock hard.

Drains will come out on Tuesday I think. Draining about 30 /day now and descreasing every day . Hope the others are doing well !

One week post ....

Saw the dr yesterday and he removed my drain. he told me that he found two large hernias in the umbillical area. The largest one was above and a smaller one was below and to the side. That made sense to me.

He said all is well and I will need to have BB stiches out in 3 weeks. I was told I could start walking and light hand weights.
Not that I am ready to go to the gym. Just lifting the full coffee pot tugs at my tummy.

I am walking about 90 % straight if I am not tired. I still sort of shuffle when I walk though. Don't feel that my gait is right yet.

I have not napped at all the last 3 days but I do lay in the gravity chair and rest after being on my feet for a couple hours.

I feel pretty much the same today as yesterday. Still very swollen and this is probably the first day that I have not noted improvement. (however I probably did more around the house today).

I am going to try to post some pictures. They will be here to remind me why I did this on down days.
Keep healing ......

one week post


The awful sitting picture

An update

I have been trying to get back to living normally. I did go to the city with my husband Friday night and went out to dinner and had my first wine ! Was tired and slept like a baby ! Found myself needing a slow day Saturday so took it easy. I have been standing straight but as the day goes on my tummy tightens. I am able to sleep flat and comfortably on my side !! I still have some itching issues even with t-shirt and itch cream applied every day. That is annoying. I like the security my cg provides but not the irritation. I am going to discuss options with dr.

I am getting errands run , keeping up with things but by 5-6 I am wore out and after dinner I still hit the gravity chair and rest .

Overall, I have found that I have had some areas of the tummy that are beginning to soften a bit but there are still alot of very hard areas, mostly straight down the middle. I have recently started having twinges in the incision area. Maybe that is healing or sensation returning...Still have lots of steristrips on so can't get a look at incision. Follow up tomorrow with PS.


Saw ps Tuesday. He thought that I may have some fluid. Tried to drain but got next to nothing out. Have started to feel bummed and down. Wishing I could have my life back. Really miss the gym. Not sure when I will ever fit into my jeans/pants again.
After my shower today I massaged lotion on my tummy. Noticed that if I pushed gently on the right side just over my incision the left side moved. Is this the waterbed effect of a seroma ? If PS just tried to drain 48 hours ago could fluid build that soon ?

more info...

It seems that if I am laying down I get the described effect. From a standing position it doesn't happen. So weird. Maybe its just swelling.

3 week post op

Well, made it to 3 weeks ! I have been feeling pretty good. I am lasting a little bit longer before the end of the day exhaustion hits. I am still quite hard from the center portion of my ribs straight down to belly button and below. However, the sides have been "softening" up. That feels good and normal.
I am hard (swollen) above my incision line. This tends to get worse as the day progresses. Also, if I overdo it I will pay a price. I try to listen to my body and plan my day . If I am going to be out at night I try to allow myself at least some rest during the day. (conserving my energy).

Otherwise, I am looking forward to the passing of weeks. I think I will be released to go to the gym for mild cardio on Tuesday. I am going to start to transition out of my binder this week and into some spanx that I bought. I wore some today for a meeting for about 2 hours and it was not bad. I think I am psychologically dependent. So, I will work on that. But when I am home I will be back in the binder.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

3 week photos

Side view

Five Weeks !!

Well every week is going by faster than the week before ! Living a very normal life now. Went back to the gym last week , starting slowly ,only non impact exercise. Every day I am there I push a little harder with no problems. Realized that I am having way less of the "tightening" feeling this week. I finally removed all the steri strips last week and stared with bio oil. I think the scar will look fine in time. I am in spanx now during the day and go to binder at night. I actually think that some of the spanx are less comfortable than the binder. I will probably lose the spanx in a week or so and go back to real underwear ! I really can see the change now in clothes. So much more hourglass figure because I now have a waist !! Swelling is mostly crotch area I think. I suppose there can still be more but I guess I won't know for a while. So happy to be here at 5 weeks !! Cant wait to see if any of my Thanksgiving company will notice my new body. I will post new pictures after the holiday. Have family arriving this weekend so its going to get crazy busy.

8 weeks tomorrow

Well, its been very busy lately. I had Thanksgiving and was very sore that night. I had some pain for 2 days after in the upper right rib area. I took it easier and it settled down but that seems to be a sensitive area for me. I seem to be able to aggravate that with sneezing, coughing ,lifting. I did have a rash on my bb at 6 1/2 weeks that turned out to be a neosporin reaction. I have accepted that some days I will have some pangs here and there. I still have pretty much maintained my level of swelling.
I don't seem to have any noticeable reduction. I am in spanxs most days but love my cg at night !! As far as the scar goes I have been using bio oil twice a day.

I have to remember not to lift, carry heavy bags now or else I feel pulling/burning in upper abs. That is cramping my Christmas shopping style :)
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I agree with jens78! Would love to have your hour glass shape!!! You look awesome!
  • Reply
Looking great! Love the hour glass shape!
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definitely love your hourglass shape!! you look great!!!
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Glad to hear you're doing so well!! I'm 5 weeks post today too and I feel really good! Happy thanksgiving!
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Same to you ! Enjoy !
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Wow you look great! What's the reddness at your bra line?
  • Reply
That is a what is left of some brusing I think. My sister actually noticed they are from stitches under the skin. It is fading away -very slowly. Next time I am at ps in two weeks I will ask if it is still visible.
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I am just learning how to navigate this site. We are so similar in so many aspects. My surgery was Oct 24. We are same weight pre op. I am a little older :-) Glad I found you. Keep updating. Your results are amazing!!!
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Wow, you're looking amazing!!  
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Looking good!
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You look great! Love your hourglass shape!
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You look fabulous!
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wow you look good :) Yes rest up while we can
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I understand your frustration's! It is lengthy process! But It will be worth it!
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How much blood drainage are u getting? In the last 8 hrs I have emptied 75 ml from left drain and 45 from right. That seems like alit to me.
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What day PO are you? I had that much initially in the first day after surgery. It seems like my drains came out sooner than others on here. Everyone is different though. My last two days I was getting than 10cc's. I only had one drain too. The good thing is that it is draining and you still have them in. You don't want a seroma.
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I had surgery 2 days ago. He said I will proberly get them out next Wed, a week after my surgery.
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I only had one drain also. I had a decent amount the first 2 days but by day 3 it slowed to about 40 cc/day. My drain was removed 6 days po and the two days before I only drained about 15 cc /day.
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That sounds like fluid , are you wearing compression ? if it isnt alot hopefully your body will absorb it , I would call in the morning if it is still there and just ask what he would like you to do . its not a problem so dont worry. It is also normal to get bummed and wonder if you are going to feel normal , I am 6 weeks PO tomorrow and am just starting to get my energy back . Ready to start working out . and rebuilding muscle.
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Thanks....I am wearing my binder 24/7. It is just hard to know what is what...swelling, fluid....? I will call in the morning to see what they say. It seems we all have to get thru this time when we start to run out of patience.
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I know how you feel , I didn't know the difference either LOL, until he told me , everyone on here would talk about swelling and fluid and I was like shouldn't they be the same LOL, this morning do you still see the slushy waterbed effect ?
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You look great! When do you go back to work?
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I am self employed ( real estate ) so I can control what I need to do . I feel like if I had a desk job I could be back at 2 weeks but 3 would probably more oomfortalbe. Good luck tomorrow ! The transformation is amazing . Like everyone says , rest and take your meds . Do as little as possible the first couple days . As my dr said , my body was using everything it had to heal . Oh , drink lots and lots of water !!!
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Thanks for the info! I'm getting excited!
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Desire25 I am in Real Estate too. When I scheduled it I thought I had everything in a place where I was done for awhile. I have taken on 2 new listings and 4 buyers. Glad I can work from home a lot. Tired and swollen :)
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