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Tummy Tuck Lipo on Flanks Upper and Lower Back Sides - Chicago, IL

Okay I did it! This had to be one of greatest...

Okay I did it! This had to be one of greatest things I've ever done for myself. Im 23 days post op and each day i feel better. I was cut from hip to hip 2 inches of my incision didnt seem to heal as the rest and its indented.

I think it came from the garment and the binder laying in the crease of the incinsion. It's healed completly but that area seems to be a lil pinkish and indented. My scar seems a bit high too but overall im very happy with my results. Im hoping that my scar will lower itself as the swelling goes down.

What could i do about the indentation i dont wear my binder as much cause it seems like it make it indent even more so i been massaging the area. I started using scar guard to day but i didnt put any on the area where it's pinkish i thought i should use some cocoa butter to bring the color back.

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Do you have any updated pictures?
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Who was your PS - you look great!
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to quote another user on this site, I think you are my "tummy twin" Im schedule for June 3rd, I hope my results look as great as yours! congrats!
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You look GREAT!!! I have your same exact body type, and I'm planning on getting a tt sometime this summer. What doctor did you go to??? I'm in Chicago too, and would love to get a consult where you went...
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WOW you look great!   I think you do still have some swelling and that will go down with time and then the scar will appear lower. 

Keep up the good work and also keep posting on your progress.  This really does help other women.
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Did you talk to your surgeon about your incision and binder? Maybe you could get a garment that isn't quite so stiff now. 

In any case, thanks so much for sharing your story and photos with us. I hope your scar heals to a nice, barely-there line and that you can enjoy your summer in a swim suit!

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