Tummy Tuck W Lipo of Abdomen Hps and Flnks 3-28 - Chicago, IL

Hi im a 40 year old mother of 15 yr old. After...

Hi im a 40 year old mother of 15 yr old. After having my son whom was 7 lbs 4oz my stomach seem to have grown over night. I weighed 120 at the time. Ive been wearing girdles way before Bodymagic came out. I literally look like im 6 months pregnant. September of 2010 i decided to get a consultation. I lookd online and found 3 doctors who caught my eye. After narrowing it down to 2 I decided to go with the one that made me feel more comfortable and was accredited by everybody. He spent 1 hour and 20 minutes informing me of the pro and cons. NOW IM SCARED!

Well I've been on here all day and now all my...

Well I've been on here all day and now all my worries seem to have disappeared! Now I'm excited! My only regret is not getting it sooner! I have a vacation coming up May 26 my surgery is set for 3-28 is 2 months too soon to go on a vacation after tummy tuck?

Yozay, you will be fine. I'm also 40 years old and 12 days ago I had a full tt, abdominal repair and lots of lipo to the waist/hips/back and inner thighs.

My ps is the best in Missouri! This is a good website for helping ease your fears because of women that has already experience it. 2 months should be good for a RELAXING vacation ;)

I only have swelling and bruising but I'm up and moving around without tubes and a body girdle. Enjoy the experience you are about to go through.

Good luck!
Hello, your story had caught my eye semi because of the trip,that's kind of funny cause i am in the same situation. I tried having my tt{which was 1/25/11} before my summer vacation this year.lol Me and my girls are goin to South Beach FL, 5/26/11 hoping that i'm ok enough to have a ball. Through it all you should be ok for the trip, i'm alright enough to begin work this week and i'm only into my 2nd week so excited!!

Hi there,

Thanks so much for sharing your tummy tuck journey here on RealSelf. Two months seems like it would be okay for a relaxing vacation. Don't expect to do a ton of strenuous activities though. Doctors say you shouldn't expect to fully resume normal activities for 3 to 6 months after a tummy tuck. And you will most likely still be somewhat swollen as well.

Check out Kimmers' Month-by-month tummy tuck diary to get an idea of where she was at 2 months post-op.

I'm glad our wonderful tummy tuck community could help dispel your fears. Keep posting and we'll follow along and offer support!

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