**TIP RHINOPLASTY - Fix "Bulbous" Tip and "Flared" Nostrils - Chicago, IL

I chose a board certified, Ivy league educated...

I chose a board certified, Ivy league educated plastic surgeon. my doctor has a double fellowship trained in craniofacial sub specialties.

**cost is $2,000 for a "tip rhinoplasty" combined into the breast aug mention I am getting at the same time

I hope to "correct" the "pig" tip or "bulbous" top to my nose and also reduce the size of my "flaring" nostrils. I hope my surgery also creates a more "open" appearance to my nostril, as now I feel I have a "folded in-ward" appearance

Please see my nose now and pictures of others with a similar pre-op nose with post-op results I hope to achieve
Based on this photo ur profile looks good. I hope u get exactly the results u are seeking. Pls update us. Thanx
Do you mind me asking who your surgeon is? I am from Chicago and consulted pretty much most double board certified surgeons. If you don't want to post here please send me a private message.

Tip rhinoplasty - what to expect first week post op

I am also having a breast augmentation and 2 scar revisions...

Staring to get nerves about pain... I am not doing a full "airway" rhinoplasty - just revising or correcting my "pig tip" or "bulbous" natural nose

Hoping this less invasive rhinoplasty will not be as painful with Less bruising and a faster recovery.

Also starting to worry about recovery time and insuring I do not bump or move my nose and alter its healing. From my understand the bandages hold it in place after surgery to insure it stays in place

Just want the best results possible

Any advice or suggestions appreciated ! :)

-3 days pre op!

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. I'm assuming you've verified that your doctor has done many, many rhinoplasties and has been able to show you lots of before and after photos.

This is a list of questions I like to guide pre-op RS members to, just to make sure they have gotten these answers from their doctors.

Good luck and keep us posted! (I didn't even know Gwenyth had had a nose job, but it's so obvious now that you've pointed it out!)

Thank you for the link to that helpful website. I will definitely do my research! Much appreciated! :)
keep swelling down by taping ... also use adhesive tape remover from the chemist to help you remove the tape easily ... best wishes

**Tip rhinoplasty - faster recovery? Less bruising?

Getting down the the wire here... 1 more day till my surgery

Other members profiles have been very helpful in expressing how they felt and looked after their rhinoplasty

Hoping for some good news... As i am getting apprehensive about pain post op and my initial appearance

Will a tip rhinoplasty will provide faster healing and less visible bruising initially in comparison to a full rhinoplasty?

***1 day pre-op ... Cold feet

My surgery is in a little over 24 hours... Having a lot of "second thoughts" about the entire procedure

I feel like each day that goes by I think of more and more questions to ask my surgeon.

I can't even being to imagine the "worst case" scenarios- "botch" job, extreme pain, complications... Waking up during surgery

Maybe I'm reading into all this too much. I think I will focus on the decision I made and paid for -- mostly the fact that I do want plastic surgery.

Feels good to vent. cleaning out a few of the "skeletons in the closet"

Hope this isn't "run away bride syndrome"
Hi. Good luck with your surgery. Who is your doctor?
DR. Weinzweig - Chicago and Miami locations

**post op shopping ** ONLY 1 more day till the new me!

Running to the store and picking up last min necessities

Any suggestions welcome

Also- I've been looking for my eye glasses- everywhere ... With no luck. Will have to search again later. I'm so used to only wearing contacts
Did the doc do the computer imaging?
I did see my nose using the 3D imaging .. Subtle difference On my way to surgery!

**Just out of surgery** in bandage

Home from surgery

Lot of drainage - bleeding

Had an "open" rhinoplasty... Pain 1 out of 10

Will post after I sleep

I have a high tolerance to pain medications,. And was told to double the next dosage
I hope you are feeling better soon.

**1 day post op** still bleeding.. Is this normal

I have a lot of "leaking" from my tip rhinoplasty


I have gauze tapes under my nose- which I am switching out as needed. Bleeding still.. Not a lot- and very little pain

When should I expect the bleeding to stop?

Also I am only breathing through my mouth now. As in mouth open 24-7... Constant dry mouth

**8 days post op** bandage and stich removal

Must saw this surgery was little to almost NO PAIN!

I did feel throbbing or Moreso my pulse in my nose with the bandages constricting my breathing

Today I met with my surgeon. He simply pulled off the bandages. This did not hurt

Afterward a nurse came in with what looked like an eyebrow tweezer to remove the stitches from the bridge of my nose. She removed a lot of dry blood and dry mucus from the inside if my nose- Ouch! It only hurt while she was "digging" and right after I was fine

My nose looks "good" Obviously still swollen- excited to see the changes in the upcoming weeks.

I do notice a little uneven nostrils. My right nostril hole is somewhat pointed .. Hoping that's just a temporary "indent" from the bandages or the hardened dry blood.

Other than the one nostril- the results look satisfactory. :-)

Will continue to post pictures and update my progress

--Also my nose us VERY SENSITIVE to foods. I tried to eat Taco Bell (lol I was in a hurry to beat rush hour) and my nose kept running

A little blood still when I wipe to clean- nothing startling

Lastly- NO BRUISING Nothing at all from day 1 to day 8.
So jealous that you have no bruising! You are so lucky. Did you sound nasally right after getting your cast off? Just wondering because I still do.
Right after surgery I tried my best not to breath through my nose.. Literally walked around with and slept with my mouth wide open. Drooled sometimes while sleeping... Lol. I was terrified to be in pain if I used my nose. In that time, I did sound "nasally" I've noticed more and more that I have regained my natural notice overtime Everyday gets better
The asymmetry of nostrils might be due to swelling. Your nose looks great already. Your lucky got no bruises.

***day 11 post op** numbness -- still swollen?

I have numbness in the tip of my nose and the entire center bridge

The inside of the bridge is numb as well

It feels weird when I laugh - must be stretching my skin

When does swelling subside? I think the tip is the last part to settle. also- my boyfriend told me to tape my nose downward, as if it will still help to position it.... I am starting to feel like I should have had a more dramatic nose job...

Will I regain sensitivity?

Faint marking from incision visible - and still have stitches inside my nose which have yet to disintegrate

**14 days post op*** visibly healing/help of products

Heads up- after wearing the gauze/cast for a week your skin underneath will be affected. Upon removing my bandages I had a few small blemishes on my nose- which I was scared to try and pop. Also I had "dead" skin which was disclosed from when they sanitized my nose in the OR

It may just be a natural occurrence- but washing with warm SALT WATER has reduced swelling. I use VERY warm water... I would think steaming your nose would be beneficial

I clean the interior with a q-tip peroxide (at CVS/Walmart - anywhere!) one side dipped wet in the solution then I twist from the back forward to my nostrils. I follow with the other end of the dry q-tip to remove access solution. In doing do I have found the last dissolvable stitches "hanging out" which I was able to "pluck" out with tweezers and yes STILL PAINLESS.

Also- Toner water. I spray into my nostrils often. No sting. It's the same toner water you use on your face.

The tip of my nose is slowly regaining sensation. The bridge (inside and out) is numb still.

I have discovered a "bump" which I can feel with my pinky on the upper part of the inside bridge. I doubt it is a pimple... Maybe just a soar? I am thinking its most likely from the hard stitches (not dissolvable) which had to be taken out last week by a nurse. I only had these on the bridge of my nose... Maybe the bump is from a stitch that was deeply imbedded

... As far as second thoughts or "do overs" if I could go back I would have my nostril size reduced. I have a teardrop shape and would prefer a round nostril

Previously I mentioned a "point" or triangle shape especially visible with the top of one nostril. I purchased an application on nose jobs, which simulates results. When I pulled the tip of my nose downward - the simulation showed that my nostrils created a "point" or triangle shape. So I am pleased to see the surgeon did pull my nose downward

Thanks for reading!
Your nose looks fantastic, better than Gwyneth's!
Your nose is starting to shape up and the bridge looks great. Congrats.

***7 weeks post op*** nose has grown a bulbous tip! Scar tissue! :-(

I saw my doctor last week at our 6 week follow up... He said my nose (or anyone's) is at its "most swollen" state at this point.

And wow is he right... I feel almost jinxed because now I am noticing a HUGE BALL of a tip. My nose has turned significantly more bulbous on the tip.

Prior to seeing my surgeon, I noticed a "ball" develop on the inner top corner of one of my nostrils. He top me to take a q-tip and massage it... It's still there...

My nose NEVER bothered me till recently. It's appearance and now the sensations. I feel a tightness, a slight pain... It's hard to explain... Almost like a floating/tingling feeling. And the random itching fits are so hard to ignore- I keep a q-tip handy!

The bridge of my nose is not straight... I worry that this scar tissue ball thing is pulling my nose to one side. I will ask about a steroid injection during my next visit.

Also--- when I met with my surgeon- he made a comment about breaking a part of my nose... My eyes boggled! I had no bruising at all after surgery- so I assumed he only removed cartilage...

The more I read, the more worried I become about my outcome. The "v" shaped nostril and the tip becoming progressively larger can be signs of a "Polly Beak" meaning the surgeon took too much off and now scar tissue is forming AGH!

Hoping for the best... Will keep updating

**scar tissue ball inside nose** 8weeks post

Attached a picture of this ball thing inside my nose that I was told to massage
Gwyneth's nose is less than ideal. Your's already looks better than her nose. I love that nostrils can be adjusted in surgery!! I had mine shortened a little, and it completely changed my look.

*** woke up feeling like I had swimmers nose *** dripping continuously for the entire morning

All morning my nose was dripping. Not blood, just clear discharge. Normally this only happens if I eat spicy foods and had become almost non existent since the first few weeks after the procedure.

I can best describe the feeling at 2 months post to "swimmers nose" Meaning when your in a pool and you get water up your nose. A kinda congested, tingling, rush. No stinging or pain, but a constant discomfort.

Maybe allergies are contributing to the new swelling?
I had that problem it took 6 months almost to go away.

***15 weeks post op** rhinoplasty/ tip revision ** Scar tissue

Its been a while since I have update on my progress

I can say that i did NOT develop polly beak! I was terrified with the scar tissue building that has begun inside my nose and worried it was going to continue to form

Luckily no new scar tissue has formed. Neither inside or at the tip of my nose.

There IS still a "pimple like" ball of scar tissue on the upper part of my right nostril. It is not visible from looking at my face straight on, but it easily felt by inserting my pinky finger. Its very much so still there but thankfully has not seemed to grow

I use the vitamin cream I was given daily. It does leave a white residue behind, so I can only put it on after work and at night before bed. The surgeon tells me to use Q-Tips and to keep firmly massaging the ball of scar tissue and that it will eventually go away...

There are no huge complaints about my nose but the two things that "bother me" are not only the scar tissue buildup, but that the bridge (cartilage in between your nostrils) is crooked. Meaning if you look at me from underneath or if I was laying down, you can clearly see that my bridge points one way and does not line up with the tip of my nose

I feel like the scar tissue ball is pulling my nose to the side.

**15 weeks post rhinoplasty** center bridge crooked

here are pictures of my nose and you can tell its being "pulled" toward one side
How is your bridge coming along? Is it getting any better? Mine isn't :(
What exactly did you have done--implants put in, any reason the nose would be "pulling" to one side? I have that now too because of complications and worry it will not change. I had weak cartilage in my nose so he put in an implant, but it looks really awful 3 months post complication.
I have the exact same problem you have, maybe it's our surgeon? Because my tip pulls to my left as well but I think it'a because the bridge itself looks asymmetrical. I work for Childrens' plastic surgery and one of my surgeons took a look and said it was asymmetrical at the bridge. I haven't met with JW to discuss that issue, but I am bringing it up next time and tell him what my Dr said and see if he can fix it. I was told he could do it under closed approach so we will see. I have no rush because I know he is going to tell me I have to WAIT, because it may be swelling :(

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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