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I had 3 treaments, 2 vials each time of Sculptra...

I had 3 treaments, 2 vials each time of Sculptra with NO results. I chose an excellent doctor, in fact, he participated in the clinical trials for Sculptra. I am also in the medical community. I am extrememly disappointed in this product, and sick about the money I wasted. I am seeking restitution from the company. My last treatment was in February of 2012. I have now gone back to fillers, specifically Restylane. It has worked so much better, offering immediate results, and not as expensive. I am very vocal about the procedures I have done, as I am in the industry, and I do not and will not recommend this product to anyone. Honestly, save your money. The results are extremely tiny if any at all.

I had my first Sculptra treatment yesterday. During my initial consultation, my doctor told me that he had treated 20 patients with Sculptra. He reportedly had good results 19 times, but no results at all with one patient. I guess that a small minority of people just don't react to the product. My doctor suggested that I have a second treatment in 6-8 weeks. If I have no visible improvement a month after the second treatment, I'm not going to have a third. Wasting $2250 will be bad enough! But I do appreciate my doctor's honesty in revealing this possibility to me before I made a decision.
I think some doctors are over-diluting Sculptra, which could account for your not seeing results. Sanofi Aventis, the makers, say mix with 5 cc. Most, though, will mix it with 8 cc. You get results, but not as fast or as good, so you need more vials. But still some mix more, which I heard makes the Sculptra diffuse, it just spread out. He may also have put it too deep, which I heard makes it flush out. Either way, I hope you get your money back because mixed and injected correctly, it will work nicely.
Well, you have certainly waited long enough for it to take its gradual effect. This is very disappointing. I am just 10 days after the second series and I see some difference around my nose to mouth, but not around my mouth. In hindsight, I have learned I am an "immediate gratification" kinda girl! I hope you can get some money back.
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