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So I had my surgery this morning - my post op...

So I had my surgery this morning - my post op experience has been pretty good so far. I had a closed rhino and lower bleph (with interior incision) and I have absolutely no bruises on my face right now, my undereyes are a bit poofy, and the tip of my nose is numb and swollen. My nostrils look somewhat irregular, and my nose sticks out a whole bunch, actually I'm kind of nervous that my nose wont look good but I know it's only day one what the heck am I thinking. It looks pretty big though and not that different from the old nose (but hey, I'm pretty ok with that, i mostly just wanted to shave off the bump from when I broke it , i will wear my jewish nose with pide)

Also, I can breathe perfectly through my nose. Like ... I can breathe just FINE. Huge surprise. I hear that the second and third day can get pretty nasty with swelling, so maybe I just haven't reached that point yet but hey so far so good!

How I am taking care of myself: Today I literally sat in bed all day. I felt fine after the surgery - no nausea or anything, in fact I had plenty of energy I felt like I had a really good nights rest! I've been taking arnica suppliments all day and applied the cream to my undereyes, also using ice packs here and there. I didn't really have any pain but have been taking minimal dosage of codeine just to ease my body of any potential stress. There is a humidifier in the room which has helped breathing through my mouth (even though I can breathe through my nose I've been trying to breathe through my mouth just in case)

So yeah, so far its definitely too early to tell with anything - except that the healing process is great and party of me doesnt even believe he did all the things he did because I dont feel a thing and look way less bashed up than I thought I would!


You have a great attitude! Of course your nose looks big, silly. It's swollen and has a splint. Just give it some time. And, as Britt said, we'd love to see Befores and Afters when you're up to it.

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Hi Fun,

Welcome to the community and thanks for the review. I'm glad everything has been going well so far. You should check out from our forum 9 Things I wish I'd Known Before Rhinoplasty, it will probably answer some of your questions. Also do you have pictures?



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Amazing bedside manner. So far, the healing is going way better than I thought it would. Unfortunately, I cannot give a very thorough opinion because I cannot see my results yet, but I would recommend him so far.

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