My Rhino Revision - Chicago, IL

I've always disliked my nose, it was too wide,...

I've always disliked my nose, it was too wide, long, and there wasnt any shape to it, so in May 2011 I had my primary rhinoplasty. They narrowed the bones and shaped the tip. When the swelling finally went down I realized that its slightly crooked and I don't care for the tip. I started looking for my revision surgeon about ten months out. I finally decided on one in the chicago suburbs that specializes in facial plastic surgery and is double board certifed as an ENT. I am a little nervous because they don't do the computer imaging. But I will be able to talk to him more during my pre op app.

Thanks for starting your story here on RealSelf. I can definitely see the improvement after your first rhinoplasty, but also understand why you'd want a little more tweaking. Good for you for doing a lot of research into this. Please let us know how it goes!


I'm six days anyway and I'm starting to get really...

I'm six days anyway and I'm starting to get really nervous. I had my pre-op today I we got to discuss what was going to be fixed during surgery: he's going to file the slight unevenness from the previous surgery in the bone, shorten the droopy tip, make the nostrils more symmetrical, and fix the slight deviation of my septum
At the bottom of my nose. My biggest fear is definitely the anesthesia; so I opted for MAC instead of general, with ketamine an propofol. I know I shouldnt be freaking out about this I see this everyday (I'm a nurse). I just can't wait for It to be over. I've only told a few co workers and family.
Who was your surgeon?
Could you please share your doctor's name?
who is your surgeon?
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