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I've had restylane under my eyes before at this...

I've had restylane under my eyes before at this office and it was a good experience when Emily did the procedure. However, when Dr. Taub did the procedure she put one entire syringe each in one spot under each eye and I was left with giant bags. No attention was given to facial symmetry or proper placement. I returned for a few attempts to fix it but ended up going to another practice to have it all removed. I am still going through the process of getting it fixed. Wasted about $1500 on bad injections plus another $300 to have it removed. Fixing it has so far cost another $1500 and I still need work. Very disappointing.
I returned for filler after a Lon search for alternatives and the generous offer of Dr. Taub to work with me on this issue. I am happy to report much improvement in my under eye area. It isn't perfect because that is the nature of my current issue with both tear trough and fat that has herniated in the area. I have a slight Tyndall effect under my right eye but it is not terribly noticeable. I feel so much better about myself and even feel fine when I take off my glasses to read up close. I will post pictures of the bad and the good soon. I'm saving up for bleph and fat transfer or implants because I see that it will probably be necessary in the near future, but for now I am happy with the repair work and thankful that this office was willing to start over.
I am extremely sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. I always pay exquisite attention to symmetry and placement when doing filler. Filler under the eye is one of the most advanced techniques and there are many who won't even perform it because it does have a higher rate of complications than filler in other areas. The delicate area under the eye has very loose connective tissue and many lymphatic vessels and the fluid balance there is constantly changing. The hyaluronic acids are hydrophilic, meaning they draw water to them, and this can be a dynamic process, changing every day. There have been some people who have had problems such as yours, not only from our practice but from all practices. This is often discussed at meetings and I have traveled all over the world to meetings to continue the learning process (where I also speak on many topics including filler). I am always looking for ways to improve not only my technique, but also to make it more comfortable and have fewer annoying side effects such as swelling and bruising. We only use restylane under the eyes as this has the lowest amount of fluid shifts, because of the fillers that we put under the eyes, it swells the least. Every doctor does have complications, something most are loathe to admit but it is true, for we are human and, in addition, sometimes people do not heal well, and sometimes it is even different from time to time in the same person. What does matter is that we are ALWAYS willing to try to make it right. As you mentioned, we did see you back multiple times and are still more than willing to start over, (you say you still are depressed looking in the mirror?) and having Emily or myself redo the filler at no charge. Sometimes to get the best effect you need to also have filler placed on the bones under the eye (the zygoma) to support the filler as the tear trough can "spill" into the upper cheek and if there is no structure there to support it, it is difficult to get a really good result. If that is necessary to correct the problem we will also perform that. Please contact the office at 847-459-6400 and let us know if we can see you again. Please ask for the Practice Director Michelle to assist you further. Thank you. Amy Forman Taub, MD
Thank you very much for your lengthly reply, Dr. Taub. I appreciate your response. I understand that restalyne under the eye is risky and have fully consented by signature so I know there are risks. Once I started researching my options after months of frustration I decided to share my experience with others but admittedly my built up frustration is transparent. I appreciate your offer to try again and I will certainly contact the practice director. Sincerely, Laura

Fixed up and better

I posted under the reply section more details, but I am happy to report much improvement after accepting the offer from Dr. Taub to "start over". Pictures to come soon to show the comparison. I am very appreciative of the help they offered. I feel much more confident in my appearance.
So happy to hear that you are pleased with your final results!
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