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Worked for Me- Chicago, IL

I had my first treatment in March and about to...

I had my first treatment in March and about to have my second treatment June 17. I liked it, I had it on my neck, jowls and face. This time around I am not having it done on my neck quite simply because I don't need it. I did notice my face toned with much less fine lines and sagging. (I am 46) My technician recommends treatment every 3 months and I did notice a day or two ago that the lines around my mouth are more noticeable now so for me it works.
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The lines around your mouth are more noticeable now and it works for you? I don't understand! Then what you are looking for is more lines around your mouth??
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Yes I had my first Refirme treatment. on my eyes, neck lower face and neck. WOW! they took after pics because I had such a good result!! I am totally happy with this treatment and American Laser Med Spas !! Oh I am 53 yrs. old
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Thanks for sharing your story with us!

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