Please Get on Accutane -Chicago, IL

I took accutane at 25 years old while working part...

I took accutane at 25 years old while working part time and attending graduate school full time....

the side affects I experienced were,
low energy, dry mouth, dry skin, and slight depression (which is not normal for myself).

Overall it was 100% worthwhile. ACCUTANE works... Please take it before you scar, because scarring is a worse and more complex issue to deal with than the acne itself (trust me , I am a victim)


Hi, I'm Ana. Your story is amazing and I am hoping to take Accutane soon. My acne isn't too bad but my face is the only place I have acne and I just want to get rid of it for good. So I was just wondering. How sever was your acne was? How long did you have to take it for? And did you have your insurance to help with paying for it at all?
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Why was it so much?
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You make a great point about the scarring - it really can be a challenge to treat, can't it? :-/ Thanks for sharing your Accutane story with us. I'm so glad it worked for you!!

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