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I had the reduction several years ago. I had a...

I had the reduction several years ago. I had a serious swelling on one side, so they had to go back in. I was reather thin most of my life, so it was not ss noticable. Once I gain weight, it became very obvious. I went to a few doctors and they each had a different idea on how to correct it. They all had know problem telling me that it may look A LITTLE better, but I need all these thousands of dollars to experiment.


Hey there, sorry to hear you are confused, I understand that due to the swelling you had after your reduction the doctor had to go back in, can you clarify what they did, I assume it was a correction, but not sure I understand why they actually went back in. Thank you :) 

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Still confused

Hey Guys,
Does anyone know of a really good Dr. in the Atlanta area that can fix a botched up surgery.


I'm sorry to hear what you're going through and I hope you find the support that you need, you can check out the Find A Doctor to help your search. 

Keep us posted!

Best of luck! 

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I have very bad swelling so they went back to remove all the breast tissue. This left me with a deep indention. My nipples are also very sensitive...this procedure was done 20yrs ago.
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