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Latisse Application After First 16 Weeks - Chicago, IL

I have been using latisse for over 16 weeks now...

I have been using latisse for over 16 weeks now and love it - wanted to get longer thicker lashes. Very few adverse reactions worth mentioning.

I know that I have to continue using latisse and I have just gotten my new bottle. Some time ago I read that after the 16 week period you could decrease the number of times a week you apply latisse and still keep the results. I cannot seem to find any information on what to do after the 16 weeks are over now that I am looking. Can I use latisse every other day now and still keep my results? Thank you!


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Yes, you can cut down on the number of times you use it during the week. $320 was probably for 3 kits.
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Why did you pay $320???? It's only $120
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I read on the following website that after your lashes get to the length you want you can cut down to once or twice a week: http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/2009-02-22-latisse-lashes_N.htm
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