Juvederm 24 Still There After 3 Years - Chicago, IL

I had juvederm injected into my lips when i was...

i had juvederm injected into my lips when i was 23, im now 26 and the product is still there not all of it, but still there.

i remember the day i went to see my dermotologist, she told me that this is temporary and it would go away in a year max so i thought well i have thin lips so why not?! its harmless let me try something different and maybe just maybe for once in my life i feel hot or i dunna pretty.

i did a bit of research and finally decided to do it. i really liked the results in the begining but now its been 3 years and im concerned, every night i keep reading about juvederm's long term effects and what would eventually happen. i still do like the results but i dont like having to think about what might happen.

i really believe that doctors should tell us that it might stay longer than a year :( i just hope that my body dissolves it soon. is there anyone out there that had juvederm in their lips that lasted this long?


Mines still going 3.5 years and looks horrible. Lumpy pillows around the corners of my mouth that hang like jowels when I dont smile and look like the joker when I do. Tried to dissolve. TWICE. In the early days. But it only managed to dissolve in my lips, so this stuff sticks out further than my lips now. And I have indentations and thinner skin under lip where Vitrase was injected. Not sure if it will ever go away but would love to hear from someone who had it this long and it eventually wore off.
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hi--i am going through the same thing. i got juvederm injected into my upper lip and three years later its still there. while i like the appearance, i do still want to be able to have my old lips back if i want them. i think im just gonna wait it out and see what happens...
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Hi mona,

Welcome to the Juvederm community. I'm so glad you decided to write a review it will help so many other community members dealing with the same thing. Have you considered or asked a doctor about Hyaluronidase? Three years does seem like a very long time for Juvederm. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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she didnt tell me it might last this long and she also didnt warn me about the rare complications that might happen.

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