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Not Sure if It is Working.. - Chicago, IL

I started Invisalign on 10.15.13, 13 trays total...

I started Invisalign on 10.15.13, 13 trays total top and bottom. I had braces 10 years ago but never wore my retainer so I decided to try this product. I am now on tray #6 and have seen no visible results. I am assuming that my back teeth have moved since the trays fit after 2-3 days. I mainly only want to push my front and lower incisor back into place however the clincheck shows that won't happen until the very end of treatment. The animation shows the top and bottom arches being expanded a bit and my premolars are being pulled/twisted very minimally. I was going through my previous trays and was comparing Tray #1 to Tray #8 and only see very minor movement on a premolar. I decided to put on both top and bottom tray #1 just to see if it would fit and it popped in super easily. This made me worried seeing as how easy it went in and how it still fit. I'm spending almost 7k on this and am not sure if I will be one of those cases where I don't get the results that I want unfortunately.
After talking to another community member, at least one person says that going back that many trays, it doesn't fit for them.  Now, that doesn't necessarily mean anything, but it is suspicious.  My comments from yesterday still stand, though.
Hi and welcome to RealSelf!  I'm sorry you're getting worried--there's not a whole lot that feels worse than spending a bunch of money on something and feeling like you're actually getting nothing.  It's difficult to judge anything without pictures, so I can only speak in generalities.  Posting your Clincheck here would be helpful, as well as before and current pics, if you're interested in getting unbiased opinions.  

In my case, I only had 15 initial trays (though ended up getting a refinement) and I paid $7000 in the SF Bay Area--so comparable, I'd say.  I saw very little change in my teeth except for in the crookedest teeth I had, in the first 6 trays.  Some people see no change at all by the 6th aligner, but most people have more than 13.  I never did a test to see whether an aligner six prior to my current one fit.  It never even occurred to me.  I'll go ask around a bit in the community, though and see what people say.
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