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I am 23 years old and decided to get a glycolic...

I am 23 years old and decided to get a glycolic peel for the first time few days ago. I went to a specialist and she said she will do a 30% peel on me. After the peel, I went home and my face was still burning, my right side of face is completely red and looks burned. Will it leave scars? I look like I have been hit by a train. I went back to the specialist and she said this is normal and it will peel, but for some reason it's just the right side of my face. Take a look at the photo.

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How your skin looking now. .it is now about 10 months.. hope it was recovered..as I have this bad experience now.. and I am very worried about my skin.. :(..
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It took me about 3 to 4 weeks to recover, my face was in so much pain, and I was worried I would have scars but everything heeled. It didnt help my skin in any way and personally I wouldn't do it again. Had to call off 3 weeks of work because couldn't go out looking this awful, and it was painful to touch my face for a while.
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thanks for sharing your experience..
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thanks for sharing. Something similar has happened to me but it's like a deep patch of skin missing which is scabbing over and oozing right side of my face too!!. Did that also happen to you? Not much pain though which is actually a worry as the burn could have been deep enough to destroy nerve endings :(!
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Oh, that skin definitely looks irritated. :-/

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How is the skin looking now?

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