Avoid if You've Ever Had Cole Sores!

I undertook fraxel to address mild/moderate...

I undertook fraxel to address mild/moderate discoloration and texture issues with my middle aged skin. The procedure itself went as described by all the literature I read and the pre-procedure discussion I had with my clinician (I had the procedure at an MD's office). The clinician asked me casually when I was checking out if I was susceptible to cold sores, and I told her I hadn't had any since I was a teenager. She said not to worry in that case. All was okay post-procedure until about 48 hours after when a very large complex of cold sores emerged all around one side of my mouth. The doctor's office phoned in an acyclovir prescription and I've been using that and abreva obsessively. I wish I had known that cold sores are a common reaction to fraxel! I would never have undergone this expensive treatment only to return to the "teenage trauma" of walking around with painful, unsightly and embarrassing lip lesions.

Ouch!!!  That has got to really hurt:(  

I sure hope all of this clears up soon and that you are healed.  

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