The Most Unprofessional and Insulting Experience Yet in 40 Years of my Life. - Chicago, IL

I felt compelled to write about my experience with...

I felt compelled to write about my experience with Dr. Byun, so those who are looking to get any procedures done can make an informed decision.

First, Dr. Byun advertises himself as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, which is one of the biggest reasons why I chose him. Unfortunately for me, I found out AFTER the surgery that his certification expired in 2012. I don’t know if he has renewed his certification between July 3, 2014 and August 7, 2014.

Also, his claim as the best plastic surgeon on his website is misleading. A small image of his face is pasted on a local magazine page along with a sea of other advertisers claiming to be the best of whatever their specialties may be. The text that follows his claim “best plastic surgeon” says “It’s essential to have a rock star plastic surgeon you can completely trust, and Dr. Byun is your go-to-guy.” Verbatim. Nowhere on the page indicates who, where and how those claims are substantiated.
My own experience with Dr.Byun and one of his staff members, Nicole, was the most unprofessional and insulting experience yet in 40 years of my life.

I sought out Dr. Byun about 2 months ago because I started noticing a bit of sagging on my cheeks causing a slight shadow on the side of my nose. Also the corner of my eyes had started drooping a bit. The initial consultation went very well. He appeared to have listened and understood my concerns. He recommended a mid-face lift which he said will take care of the folds on the sides of my nose. He did mention that I will still see it, but it will be very slight, which was fine. He also said he will address the sagging corner of my eyes by lifting them from the forehead. He sold himself well, and in spite of the exorbitant estimate ($18,900 – almost twice as much as 3 other doctors I consulted with), I decided to go for it. 

After about 6 weeks post -surgery, the swelling was down enough for me to really see the results. I was very disappointed because he did not address any of MY concerns that I sought him out for. If there were improvements, they were so minute that I could not tell what I paid $18000+ for.
On my follow up, I respectfully asked him about the overall mediocre improvement of my face. He even acknowledged that he sees the unimproved cheeks and corner of my eyes I was pointing out. Things were okay until I started specifically asking what had been done to my face. He became very defensive and told me that whether I am satisfied with the results or not, IT IS TOO BAD because HE thinks it turned out well and has not regrets. I wish I was joking, but these are the words he used. Then, he got up and walked out of the room. Before he was out the door, I told him this was so unprofessional and that I, the patient, has an absolute right to ask questions. Then he, extremely condescendingly, said, even if I explain to you, you would not understand. I will give you a copy of my report. Then he was gone. I was incredulous.

To make the situation worse, after being left alone in the room for 3 or so minutes, one of his staff members, Nicole, entered the room and handed me the doctor’s note. I told her that I cannot believe he just walked out on his patient, but she was trying to imply that I must have done something wrong for him to do that. I couldn’t believe what she was insinuating! When I told her that for $18,000+ price tag (I paid cash), patients deserve better than that. Then she said that the money had nothing to do with it. What??? I told her that money has A LOT to do with it especially when it’s twice as more than 3 other doctors’ quotes. All she said after that was “yes, he is expensive”. She stated that once the doctor calms down, she will talk to him and call me on the following business day. It’s been 3 weeks without any contact from his office. 

One more thing – I was told from each doctor that I consulted with, including Dr. Byun, that the incisions will be made along the hairline where they will not be visible. Two of the incisions Dr. Byun made on me are in the front side of my ear where they are clearly visible. They are permanent scars that do not seem to fade as of yet. I also brought this up during the follow up. He stated that I was told about it – referring to that area with medical term I was not familiar with. I’m not a doctor, it is his responsibility to make sure his patients clearly understand. 

From my experience, he has a ‘god’ complex where he thinks he can do no wrong. Rather than listening to the patients’ needs and using his skills to execute them the best he can, he does what HE thinks is best and patients are to live with it. How can a doctor like that be voted the best???
If you are serious about the result and the quality of care you get from the doctor and the staff you pay exorbitant amount of money for, do your research before choosing this doctor whose board certification expired two years ago!

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Thank you for sharing! I visited his Website but I decided to go with another surgeon. I'm also in the Chicago area and I will have my procedure in 12 days! Sorry about your bad experience :(
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My experience was very unfortunate - it's still unreal to me every time I think about it - and if I can help even one person avoid such deplorable experience, the time and effort I spent in sharing my story is worth it. I wish you all the best for your upcoming procedure! :)
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Wow. I'm so sorry for you. I always check with the State Board to see if there are any complaints about the doctor. I also check the school they attended, where they interned, if they did a fellowship (preferably Mayo clinic), and how long they have been practicing. I want a surgeon with a lot of experience. I hope things work out for you.
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Thanks for the comment. The swelling on my face is about 90% down and the result of the procedure is pretty clear. Unfortunately, things are not much better. I literally wasted $18,000+ b/c the lines on the side of my nose and bit of drooping on the corner of my eyes are exactly the same as before the procedure. I'm thinking about getting some fillers and botox to help enhance them. Doesn't make sense that I have to spend thousands more to fix the issues this doctor couldn't. Hope you find a good, experienced surgeon who cares for you. Good luck!
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Absolutely unacceptable behavior on the part of your surgeon. You have every right to be upset. Thank you for posting, these type reviews are what would cause me to cross a doctor off my possibles list. Thanks again and I'm so sorry.
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If you are thinking about getting a procedure done, do as much research as possible. When it comes to plastic surgery, doctors are pretty much shielded from any legal ramifications once you sign, pay and the procedure is done, even if something is badly botched. Very unfortunate, but true. Good luck to you!
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Thank you so much for sharing your experience on RealSelf!
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