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I just started clear correct a few weeks ago and...

I just started clear correct a few weeks ago and so far my experience has been ok. I find that its sometimes hard to keep in the trays for 22 hours a day. I just put in my second set of trays yesterday and my teeth are pretty sore today. Im getting used to brushing and flossing my teeth after each meal. I also soak my braces in mouth wash every morning because of all the build up of saliva at night. Im really excited to see how my teeth will look once my treatment is completed. I will try to post pictures and give updates along the way.
Hi!  Just wondering how things are going, now that it's been a month since you started :).  You should be about halfway into your next tray now?
Thank you for starting a review!  Our Clear Correct community is small but growing :).  How long is your treatment estimated to last?  And are you on phase 1 now?  Did you wear phase 0 for three weeks?  And do you have any engagers on your teeth?

I look forward to following your progress!  We have a couple of other clear correct users who are active in the community right now.  You may want to check out their reviews as well :).  LittleJessica and
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