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I'm getting married at the very end of August. If...

I'm getting married at the very end of August. If possible I'd like to have the surgery before the wedding but don't know if that is cutting it too close. Would 2.5 months be enough to feel ok? I really want/need the surgery due to terrible neck pain and headaches and I also don't want to look huge in my wedding photos and get a reduction right after! Thoughts? I'm 5'2 and a 38DDD. 26 years old and no health problems. going in for a consult on Wed.


Hi! I know this is a delayed comment but I just came across your post. I am in this same situation now. I am getting married in October and I am looking to get a BR before the big day! I have a consultation on Marxh 20, 2013. I will (hopefully) have my surgery in June or July depending on insurance. Do you think that is enough time to have a dress fitting and be comfortable on my wedding day? Thanks!
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so when is your breast reduction date girlie
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Do it! I was around your size - 36DD - and now, 6 weeks after my reduction I'm a 34C. Best decision ever - I feel like a new person and look SO much thinner. I would encourage you to do it. It took me about 4 weeks to feel fairly normal again - 2 and a half months is plenty of time! Best of luck!
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