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Okay, a little about myself, I'm 21, a nursing...

Okay, a little about myself, I'm 21, a nursing student and have always had big boobs but recently I had a child and my blind grew huge. I believe during that time I was an E cup. A year later, they've gone done but I am now a 44DD,maybe bigger than that because my boobs still fall out if my bras.

I wouldn't even considere doing something so drastic but my back,neck, and shoulders hurt constantly and I can't be a nurse with back problems so I'm going to take this step. I'm excited and scared and don't have anyone to really talk with this about because my family doesn't approve but my mind us made up.

My first consultation is on next Wednesday, I will let you guys know how it went. oh yeah, I am paying for this via Medicaid.

I've been wanting my breast reduce for the last 5 years. I will be applying for Medicaid to see if I can get them to pay for mine as well. I found a Dr that will except it I absoultely love her
Good luck! I hope everything goes well with your consultation. This is the perfect place to talk about your anxieties, hopes, and excitement. There is always someone ready to listen and support you. I am a nurse and can tell you this made a big difference in how I feel while doing my job! Let us know how everything goes!

Welcome to RealSelf.  Thank you for posting your review.  You definitely have someone to talk to here.

If this is something you really want then you should do it.  Family can get a little strange about these procedures but only because they are scared for you.  

You will love having smaller breasts and this will help with the neck, back and shoulder pain.  Keep us up to date on how you are doing.

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