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Can't Wait! Going to Get Breasts Done With A Little Lipo - Chicago, IL

Sooooo I just decided that im gonna have my...

Sooooo I just decided that im gonna have my breasts done and a little lipo! Im not sure exactly when yet but hey!...I just made up my mind about doing this yesterday! So Im still deciding on who I want to do it! But I know I want to look as NATURAL as possible!! Very excited! Can't wait! :) Any advise??

So, Im thinking about going to Dr. Campos for my...

So, Im thinking about going to Dr. Campos for my breasts and lipo. Any thoughts fr anyone who has had him??

Topic @ hand....saline or silicone??

Topic @ hand....saline or silicone??

Soooo..I have decided to go wiiiiiith..dr pantoja!...

Soooo..I have decided to go wiiiiiith..dr pantoja! Can't wait :)
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@Wanna b boobalicious thank u! & good luck to you also! Keep me updated! :)
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Congrats on your decision. My PS is on the other side of the state in Moline, IL. He did wonderful things when my husband cut a finger off (yep off) at work. My pre-op is on August 21 and surgery is September 5.
Good luck with all the decisions that go along with the plan.
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Thank you for the advise BeagleBaby1. I'll look into it!
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Hi. . If you want to look as natural as possiable research doing lipo and having the fat put into your breasts instead of implants. I'm not trying to tell you not to get implants, but i've been there - done that. I had silicone implants for 30 years and was just explanted 5 weeks ago. I had capsular contraction of a Baker IV the worse there is. I wasn't comfortable going for a 3rd set of implants because of CC the caused the breasts to be very painful and hard. When you would lay on your back it felt like you had to boulders pressing on you chest, and sleeping on your stomach was a thing of the past.

I am letting my breast heal from the implants for 6 months as was suggested by my ps then sometime in January we will be starting the Brava System with autological fat transfer. Research it online. There are very good lasting results with this procedure and it's all you, no foriegn object put into your body. I'm excited to get my breast done this way, plus I'll be smaller on my thighs,hips and stomach.
I hope you make the decision that is right for you.
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Very helpful :) Im thinking about going 2 Dr. Campos! Ive heard wonderful things about him! The only thing is..flying to mexico makes me nervous :/ plus plane tickets are expensive..
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How exciting! Check out this thread in the forum called 10 Things I Wish I'd Known About Breast Augmentation. And please keep us posted!

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