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I am 32 days away from my very first surgery.....

I am 32 days away from my very first surgery...breast augmentation! I'm so anxious but more excited for the results. I'm 5'3, 105 lbs and currently a 32b. I'm looking to get silicone implants between 300-350cc.

Given that this is my first surgery, I'm nervous with what to expect. (ie. how can i keep calm before the procedure? how much pain will I be in when I wake up? How do I combat nausea over the first few days?)

Also, I'm a little nervous I'm not going to pick to right size. My PS said 300cc would look great but after reading reviews from others, I'm afraid ill be disappointed that the girls are too small. Thoughts?


Does anyone have any suggestions on surgical bras?

Boob envy

My stats: 5'3 , 106 lbs , current bra size is 32b. The one in the pink sports bra is close to my stats and got 350cc. I originally planned for 300cc but now I'm thinking bigger!! Ahh only 25 more days to decide...

Post Opp pic

32b to 32dd, 375cc high profile
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I am the same stats nd due to have my surgery in december and my doc has sed 300cc wuld b my biggest but im trying to push for 330cc coz im scared they will be to small im only a 32a at the moment... how did u go?
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Hi Kaytee! I ended up going from 306cc mod profile to 375 high profile. I'm about a 32dd and I love them! I also really liked the 350cc high profile :)
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             good luck for your upcomping surgery! 
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How exciting for you! I have so much info to share with you! First of all, here is a Guide to Breast Augmentation Slang to get you through your journey. Regarding your concern over the implant size, this quick video will show you how to make rice sizers at home. This list provides some suggestions of items you may want to purchase and set up for your recovery. Don't forget a laxative to offset the constipating side effects of the pain meds. Talk with your anesthesiologist about your nausea concern and be sure to stay on top of your pain meds the first few days. Hope this info helps. Looking forward to your updates!

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