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Well I began as a full figured woman weighing in...

Well I began as a full figured woman weighing in at 340 ,I have started working out and lost weight now I'm 260 and I feel so good, just one thing is off my bottom is not how I dreamed if will be.. So I want a Brazilian Butt Lift too fill in were I lack. I have slot of fat stored so finding fat want be a problem just ready to have a new, happy life

Hi Sierra9370. Welcome to the RealSelf BBL community! Congrats on your amazing weightloss journey. We are so happy to have you here to share your story. Here's a couple quick links to get you started. More other amazing women who have lost weight and are also right around your lbs. You can also check out the surgery calendar to see who's scheduled for surgeries around your date to connect and support each other. Upload some pics to add to your story...people LOVE them.

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