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I'm on my way soon started working out I made a...

I'm on my way soon started working out I made a whooping 195 lbs. I wanted a waist line my back rolls to disappear I want my tummy to go to the butt. What better way than a bbl. I am doing everything I can to loose weight and started taking vitamins. :)

Hopefully everything will be good.
Pray that everyone looking for a bbl gets there dream I got financed even filed bankruptcy recently but no patient is left behind. Please if you have any questions email me.
How did it go? I just had it done and he only injected 350cc per cheek even though I had more fat. I'm getting concerned that it won't be a difference and feeling like it may be a waste
Wow you shaped up in no time good luck
I'm in the Chicagoland area but have been working toward getting my surgery in DR. Please keep me/us posted on how it all works out for you.
Chicago institute of liposuction

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