Teenage Girl Needs Suggestions on Acne Scar Removal, Please! - Chicago, IL

I am a teenage girl, Asian, and you have no idea...

I am a teenage girl, Asian, and you have no idea how it feels like when you are the only one with destroyed skin in college while others’ skin looks like so smooth. I have been suffered from acnes for at least 4 years and they leave me horrible acne scarring, rolling and boxcar scars. I am so afraid to hang out with my friends cause my face looks like so terrible. I have to remove those damn scars but I don’t know what kinds of treatment is best for me cause I only have oe week spring break. It means my after surgery, my face has to look like very normal as before in one week, so it leaves me few options, no fractional laser. I prefer micro needle, Ematrix or other non-laser treatment but I really don’t know much about those treatment. My skin is a little bit sensitive after acnes and appears a little of redness over my cheek but it is not serious. Anybody have taken any useful treatment which can be cured in short term? or any suggestions for me? I will very appreciate your opinions cause I am so desperate now I have to remove those scars to get my normal life back. I hate have to wear make up to cover damn scars!!!! BTW, any recommendation for doctors in Chicago?
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Welcome to the community, I am glad you shared your story. I can totally relate to how frustrating acne and the scars that are left behind can be. I suffered with cystic acne which left me with deep pitted rolling scars which I have just learned to live with. I understand your desire for wanting to rid them and there are some options, there is lots of information in the community to help you, here are a few links that I thought you may find helpful: 



Best of luck to you, keep us posted on what you decide. 
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